Hire in Australia
Rates in AUD

Price List - Hire in Japan (Yen) for 2020/21 Winter Season

Silver Package

Skis/Poles or Snowboard/Bindings4300860011600149001700019700215002250023500255002760029700318003390035900
Package + Clothing76001370018100232002640029000318003330034800379004100044200472005040053500

Gold Package

Package + Clothing87001600020600260003060033800365003920041800452005030053900586006300066800

Platinum Package

Skis/Poles or Snowboard/Bindings53001060015000193002250026200294003220034300394004260046700509005500059200
Package + Clothing96001720022200275003280036600420004460047200524005750062800679007310078300


Wrist Guards (Free with all Snowboards)60010001200140016001800200022002400280032003600400045004900
Ski or Board Boots Adults210035004500500055006000650075008500105001150012500135001450015500
Ski or Board Boots Kids150025003000350040004500500055006000700080009000100001100012000
Ski Poles (Free with All Skis)150017002000220024002600280030003100330036003900430047005100

Adult Clothing

Parka or Pants155031003650420046505100540057006000660073007900850091009700
Parka & Pants 310047005700670078008300880093009800109001190012900139001490016000

Kids Equipment Carve

Skis/Poles or Snowboard/Bindings340068008500100001160013200148001530015800168001790018900199002100022000
Package (Skis/Boots/Poles)375073509000105001210013700153001580016300173001840019400204002150022500
Package + Clothing54501055012800146601680018900210002204023100251002730029300314003350035600

Kids Equipment Platinum

Skis/Poles or Snowboard/Bindings4000790010000121001430016400185002050022600236002470025700267002770028800
Package + Clothing60001160014800172602000022600252002774030400324003460036600387004070042900

Kids Clothing Package

Parka or Pants85016001900208023502600285031203400390044504950550060006550
Parka & Pants170032003800416047005200570062406800780089009900110001200013100

Prices listed above are inclusive of GST.   Rental Terms & Conditions


Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. We only accept credit cards (not cash) to hold as security deposit until goods returned.
  2. Late return of goods shall be charged at the daily rate until returned.
  3. The hirer is responsible for the total replacement value of any item lost or stolen Please note that Larry Adler Ski Breakage Insurance policy does NOT cover goods lost or stolen. Goods other than Larry Adler products will not be accepted as replacement under any circumstances.
  4. If you do NOT have Breakage Insurance should you damage goods beyond repair, replacement cost will apply. Small repairs and lost parts will incur charges. Our Ski Breakage Insurance covers accidental damage or breakage of equipment while in use and is available at a cost of 10% of the rental charge.
  5. Goods are to be returned clean and in working order with NO lift tickets attached, stickers, name tags or graffiti.
  6. An additional cleaning fee or cost of repairs will be charged where applicable.
  7. Goods MUST be paid for in full at time of booking.
  8. A $10 or 1000 yen cancellation fee per person will be applicable up until 48 hrs. before departure thereafter non refundable.
  9. Goods can be returned ONLY to the store from which they were collected.
  10. Larry Adler Ski & Outdoor will endeavour to supply the colour of clothing you have viewed at time of booking. In peak season, please note that availability is subject to change without notice.

Don't forget the Kids Ski FREE offer (not available in Niseko Dec 22nd - Jan 12th), as a bonus for families if both parents (or two accompanying adults) each hire their ski, boots & poles or snowboard & boots for 5 days or more, Larry equips two children for the same up to 12 years of age with "carve" skis, boots & poles FREE of charge.